Yet another group of teachers in the global South have been forced to take strike action because of the failure to pay them. The school year, which was due to start in the middle of September has been put on hold as teachers take a series of strikes to demand their pay.

The teachers are the victims of a political crisis in the country, where there is no effective government. Despite not being paid for months, teachers continued with their work but now they have downed their chalk and insisted on payment.

International investors are keen to exploit the country's untapped mining reserves as well as off shore oil exploration and tourism, according to the World Bank. It is unlikely that this will bring any benefit to the teachers and children of the country however, as foreign investors invariably take their profits home with them and pay the minimum of local taxes, costing countries in Africa billions of dollars.

Guinea Bissau is also a hub for the cocaine trade, something which benefits the country as little as 'legitimate' global corporations.