Iranian teachers' leader, Mahmoud Beheshti Langroudi has been on hunger strike since November 26th. He is in Evrin prison, because of his trade union activities in support of teachers in the country. In a statement from his prison cell, Langroudi says:

'I hereby declare: I, Mahmoud Beheshti Langroodi, who have spent 25 years of my life teaching children of this land, and have more than 15 years of trade union activities in support of our esteemed teachers, have been on hunger strike since Thursday, November 26, 2015 (Azar 5, 1394), to protest against an unjust verdict of “9 year imprisonment” by Judge Salavati in a trial that lasted a few minutes, hoping that authorities, especially judicial authorities, after hearing my cry for justice, take actions ‘to vacate the prison sentence until a judicial review by a competent court with a jury is conducted publically .'

As we have been reporting all year, Iranian teachers have been fighting bravely despite severe repression and intimidation by the state and despite the arrests of many of their leaders. They are not only protesting against poverty pay but also for proper spending so that all chidren can have free education and an end to privatisation and commercialisation of schools.

After almost three weeks on hunger strike, Mr Langroudi's health is severely compromised.