harlem.jpg  A Harlem Protest against the Encroachment of Charter Schools The US charter school movement is dominated by hedge funds and billionaires according to a new article in the Rethinking Schools website www.NOTwaitingforsuperman.org The article details how outfits like the Harlem Children's Zone - which is presently being held up as an example by other neo-liberal governments such as the new UK government - are in fact dominated by the hedge fund leaders who are making billions from the crisis of the capitalist system. The boards of both Harlem Children's Zone and the other prominent charter organisation in Harlem - Success Charter Network are entirely dominated by banks, hedge funds and private equity funds and neither have community, parent or teacher representatives on their boards. One of the main aims of the charter school movement in the US is to destroy teacher trade unionism, as Barbara Miner puts it: "Overall, Waiting for Superman has bolstered fears that the criticisms of unions go beyond issues of pay, seniority and evaluation, and that the true goal is to bust the union, reduce teachers to do-as-you-are-told factory workers, and allow management free reign in all educational decisions" Miner finishes with this pertinent observation and question:

The corporate-based reform agenda undermines community and democracy and is subject “to the whim of entrepreneurs and financiers.” The obsession with schools as a business, she notes, “threatens to destroy public education.”

“Who will stand up to the tycoons and politicians and tell them so?To read Barbara Miner's article in full go to: http://www.notwaitingforsuperman.org/Articles/20101020-MinerUltimateSuperpower