School students in Newark, New Jersey, walked out on Tuesday to protest against education cuts.

The students walked out of their high schools and marched to the New Jersey state assembly meeting, where the governor was proposing a budget which would mean teacher redundancies, school closures and fewer after school activities including sport.

Ever since the governor Chris Christie took office in 2010, education budgets have been cut with urban areas most hard hit. Meanwhile, he has given $1 billion of tax cuts to the richest 1% and over $2 billion to big business. The education budget shortfall is exacerbated by the steady increase in charter schools in the state – meaning that public schools are being gradually run down – in turn leading to more charter schools taking over ‘failing’ schools.

The protest was organised by the Newark Student Union and students walked out despite the threat of punishment from some school administrations. They chanted ‘stand up! fight back!’ and ‘they say cut back, we say fight back.’un