School students in many parts of the US walked out of class this week in protest at the decision not to prosecute Darren Wilson, the white officer who killed black youngster, Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri last August. The Grand Jury's decision has caused outrage all over the country, not least in schools. 

The Principal of Teaneck High School in New Jersey, whose students braved a snow storm to walk out and demonstrate supported the protest, saying, 'This is nothing new to us — our students are active and involved in what’s going on in society.' In Minneapolis, hundreds of school students walked out of class to join university students and others protesting the decision. They held signs which have become familiar in protests all over the country, saying, 'No Justice, No Peace' and 'Black Lives Matter.' The students later marched to the police station.

Meanwhile in Seattle, school students walked out en masse, including from Garfield High School, scene of the successful 2013 test boycott. Jesse Hagopian, a teacher at the school said, 'It's hard for these students to really begin to process the depths of institutional racism, but it's a beautiful thing to see students realize that it's up to them to make a difference, that no one's going to come and save them.' The leader of the student body at the school, Victoria Vong, pointed out that racism does not stop at the school gates: 'I’ve seen the statistics on like at our school at who gets punishment and who doesn’t. And black students are punished at four times the rate of white students, despite the fact that they account for like 40 percent of our population. And as youth, we think it’s an outside issue sometimes, but it doesn’t start after you graduate.' 

Protests have also taken place over the world against the killing of Michael Brown and the failure to indict his killer, including in London, UK and Canada.