Teachers protesting yesterday in Louisiana, USA Teachers all over the USA are engaged in a battle against massive cuts in education going hand in hand with privatisation In Texas 12,000 teaching posts have gone over the last year and teachers and their supporters are planning to rally on March 24th to say: No to budget cuts, no to over-testing and yes to our children's future!' Teachers in Louisiana are cancelling classes this week so that they can lobby the state legislature as it votes on changes which will impact teachers' job security, lower their pay and move towards a voucher system - one of the earliest neo-liberal educational ideas - advocated by Milton Friedman - where parents are given vouchers to 'spend' in the school of their choice - be it public or private.   Teachers in Los Angeles rallied yesterday against budget cuts which have seen thousands of teachers receiving 'pink slips' (redundancy notices). One teacher said: "One fourth of teachers in LA Unified (School District) have received the pink slips. That completely demoralizes the staff. This school board does not respect its own employees and does not respect this community." Another rally is planned for March 26th. Meanwhile in New York, teachers are fighting cuts against a background of having their individual 'rating' as a teacher published in the media. www.teachersolidarity.com would be happy to post any reports of struggles of teachers across the USA or any where else in the world. (Contact or post a comment)