Rally in Lansing, Michigan at the weekend Teachers all over the US are having to fight to defend public education In Michigan, teachers and others have been rallying against proposed education cuts which would take $300 from every child in the state (see photo above) In Los Angeles the teaching union is fighting plans to turn some of the city's schools over to charter organisations - effectively privatising them. The LA teaching union has gone to court to delay this process. Earlier this month - thousands in California rallied against education cuts. In New York there have been mass demionstrations against Mayor Bloomberg's plans to cut education while looking after the millionaires in that city. In Wisconsin protests go on against the ducking and diving of the Walker administration in its attempts to take away collective bargaining rights for teachers. From Indianapolis to  Washington teachers and other public sector workers and their supporters have been rallying to defend public education, to show their support for the protestors in Wisconsin and to stand up for the right to bargain collectively. In all, 20 states have proposed legislation aimed at taking away collective bargaining rights for public sector workers - including of course teachers. According to Professor Anne McClintock: "This corporate war on progressive rights is led by a shadowy network of richly-endowed think tanks collectively called the State Policy Network, emboldened by the recent Supreme Court decision to remove limits to campaign spending. Groups like David and Charles Koch’s Americans for Prosperity (supporters of Scott Walker) and Karl Rove’s American Crossroads have dug deep into their pockets to front the attack, of which Wisconsin marks only the spectacular beginning." To read her analysis of the republican attack and the fight back in full go to: http://www.counterpunch.org/mcclintock05132011.html Teachersolidarity would welcome accounts of these developments from people involved. Please email mary@teachersolidarity.com