Protest in Wisconsin Demonstrations are being held across the US today in support of teachers and other public sector workers in Wisconsin The teachers, librarians, snow plough drivers and other public seervice workers in Wisonsin are on the 12th day of their protest and today a rally there attracted  70,000 people. In addition there were demonstrations in every state capital in the USA including  Ohio where the state government are considering similar union busting measures to those which were finally passed last Friday in Wisconsin. A teacher at a thousand strong rally in Denver told the Business Times: 'Wisconsin is opening up people's eyes a little bit,I think that the move is to try to get people more involved in their unions and create a stronger front so that if something happens here, we are prepared.' The demonstrators carried placards with slogans like: 'Workers' Rights are Human Rights' and 'United we collectively bargain, divided we beg'. Among the speakers in Wisonsin was Jeff Skiles - the pilot who successfully landed his plane in the Hudson River last year. Meanwhile many other states in the US are planning on following Wisconsin's lead - however they are being faced by a determined opposition from teachers and other public sector workers as they seek - like so many other governments throughout the world - to make public services and the poor pay for capitalism's crisis. Radio Labour has pointed out that there is very little in the US media about these massive protests. You can hear their report at I did find one report here on CBS News:;photovideo