morel2.JPG  Picture by Jacqui Birchall of a Morales Resident holding a Tear Gas Cannister thrown into her House by the Security Forces  Teachers in Morelos who have been striking against government plans to privatise schooling in Mexico are being vitimised and need your solidarity urgently The following report is from Jacqui Birchall of the British Columbian Teachers Federation who has been in Morelos for her union: Since the strike ended and the teachers returned to school , the government of Mexico has sought revenge against the teachers.  Those who did not participate in the strike have been given “significant jobs” and have been invited to serve on the working committees created by the government.  Teachers active in the strike have not received their latest pay cheques. They have also received letters threatening the continuance of their employment. This is seen as an attempt to terrorize and gag the teachers and to take advantage of the tiredness and wearing down of its most vulnerable and weak sectors. In some communities the government is paying people to prevent teachers from entering the schools. Those six teachers (commissioners) who are now negotiating for the union have received letters of rebuke from the government and have been told that the government holds them directly responsible for the protests and strikes in Morelos.  The documents these teachers received spelled out their alleged crimes.  Their pay cheques have been with-held. These teachers are desperately in need of funds to pay lawyers.  Direct contact can be made though one of the six newly elected commissioners who are running CNTE (Democratic Teachers' Union in Morelos.)  His name is Profe Nicanor Perz.  He can be reached at   A very impressive person, he will share the emails with the rest of the teacher leaders. Messages of suppport from teachers and teacher unions around the world are very, very important to the teachers of Morelos,  Please email.