Teachers taking part in protests ten days ago against education reform in the southern state of Chiapas in Mexico, were subject to violent attacks by armed police, who attacked them with tear gas and rubber bullets according to human rights groups in the area. Police helicopters also shot tear gas from the air onto the crowds.

Teachers as well as passers by were injured and reports say that police were also acting as agents provocateurs within the protest. 18 teachers were arrested and taken by air to a maximum security prison.

Meanwhile a panel of international experts has accused the Mexican government of hampering its enquiries into the disappearance of the 43 student teachers from Ayotzinapa, and dismissed its version of events.

The Mexican government continues to repress its people and hand in hand with this goes the drive to impose education reform. Dissident teachers continue to be in the forefront and at the sharp end of the fight against the government, and their struggle continues despite the violent tactics used against them.