Teachers in Washington in the USA, are starting a series of strikes this week, after contract negotiations broke down last week. The teachers are protesting the lack of funding for public schools

The sticking points in negotiations are in the main caused by a lack of funding. A teacher and parent, quoted on the of the teachers' union, the Washington Education Association (WEA), says: 'Teachers have less time to teach and fewer resources, yet they have more students and more high-stakes testing than ever before. As a result, students have less time to learn – and the Republican-controlled state Senate is making things worse, not better.' Despite legislating for a class size cap last autumn, the state government is now reneging on it, meaning larger classes for students, including in high poverty areas.

One teacher said they are striking in order 'to get the public's attention', the alternative said another was to 'sit silent and do nothing.' Despite teachers' reluctance to strike, 93% voted to do so. In all eight school districts will be affected, with the strikes and rallies starting on Wednesday (22nd April). The WEA is planning a mass rally on the steps of the state capital this Saturdau, April 25th.