Chinese Teachers Protest in 2008 There has been a wave of teacher strikes in China in response to enforced pay cuts of 30% The cuts are part of a 'reform' package which sees 30% cut off high school teachers' pay, which will be used to pay bonuses to those teachers who 'perform' well. Teachers' pay is already low in China - approximately $600 a month, before the 30% deducation is made. Teachers say that the proposals will mean that the government is using 'our own money to reward ourselves'. The system has already been brought in in primary schools, and particularly in poorer regions, local authorities say they can't afford to pay performance bonuses. This has led to teacher protests in many areas. According to the website China Labour Bulletin, (accessed through the Laboustart website), there has  been a wave of strikes over the last two months, including in Wuhan, Hubei, Guizhou, Zhejiang and Henan. It is not easy to find news about teacher strikes and education reform in China. However this website has reported strikes against low salaries as well as strikes against privatisation. It is clear that neo-liberal education reform is being rolled out in China. Interestingly there is even a Teach for China organisation, founded in 2008 and part of the same outfit which brought us Teach for America and Teach for India. This organisation sends US  'associates' - no Chinese language skills necessary - to China to bring 'excellent education.' Chinese teachers - despite the difficulties they face - are fighting back against these reforms.