United Strike in Camden, London UK Teachers and other public sector workers have been taking part in protests and strikes against cuts Half a million public sector workers and their supporters demonstrated in London on March 26th to express their opposition to the cuts. Specially booked buses and trains came from all parts of the UK to take part in the protests. Meanwhile teachers in parts of the country have been on strike against redundancies and cuts. In Tower Hamlets - one of the poorest boroughs in London - many teachers and other public sector workers who serve some of the most vulnerable people in the community such as people with disabilities, asylum seekers and young people with drug and alcohol problems have been made redundant. Last week saw a united strike which garnered huge support from the local community. The nearby borough of Camden - which has similar problems - also saw united strike action. Teachers in many other parts of the country are preparing to t ake part in local strikes against cutbacks. Today in Brecon - a small rural town in Wales - teachers were on strike against redundancies with both the main unions NUT and NAS/UWT taking part. At the same time the leaderships of the unions are discussing with the Trades Union Congress and other public sector unions plans for a national strike over the loss of pension rights and a pay freeze which will see teachers 12% worse off when they are working and 20% worse off when retired.