Teachers in West Bengal, India are to start a hunger strike today followed by an all out strike if their demands are not met The teachers who all teach in rural hill areas in the Kalimpong region of West Bengal, say that there have been no new teaching appointments made in their schools since 1997. Yet about 100 teachers retire every year. The vacancies in the 770 primary schools are filled by 'ad hoc' teachers if at all. Now the teachers, who are members of the Ghorka Primary Teachers Organisation (GPTO) have said enough is enough. Secretary of the GPTO, Bhushan Thapa told the Kalimpong News “Teachers from Darjeeling, Kalimpong and Kurseong will come in batches and stage a dharna for three days. If things do not work out positively, we will start a teachers’ strike in primary and secondary schools. We will not hesitate to call a general strike in the hills if nothing works out even then. Education has been completely neglected in the hills." The union is demanding that 4000 new teachers be appointed. The teachers also say that no textbooks have been delivered to the schools since the beginning of term.