A new hashtag is trending on twitter. #thisismystrikepay was started by British Columbia teachers, who are escalating their action to an all out strike tomorrow, June 17th.

The twitter feed shows perfectly the way in which the interests of teachers are bound up with those of the communities they serve. The tweets are often emotional describing fellow feeling with their students and above all pride in their achievements. They contain humour, generosity and love - all things which so many teachers bring to their work. And they include pictures of teachers' own children showing that their own interests as parents or relatives of students are bound up with the outcome of their actions.

As Jim Iker, President of the BCTF says in a press release: "After 12 years of deep cuts, 3,500 teaching positions lost, and 200 schools closed, we are urging this government to reinvest in public education. Teachers are doing their utmost in an underfunded and under-resourced system, but students are not getting the support or one-on-one time they need. Our kids deserve so much more."

British Columbia teachers are of course not unique. Education International reported last week that a third of Congolese teachers receive no pay at all, yet still continue to work in impossible conditions to give children an education. This situation is repeated in many countries in the global South. And all over the world teachers are fighting to defend public education. Those in Liberia, Lebanon and Brazil have all been on strike this month too.

Powerful elites are attempting to privatise education globally and provide the vast majority of children with a denatured form of schooling provided by computer software or even mobile phones. In their quest to destroy publicly funded education they do everything in their power to denigrate teachers and especially teachers unions. What terrifies them is that none of their efforts can replace the human relationship between students, parents, communities and teachers which is so movingly demonstrated this week in the comments of British Columbian teachers. Together we are a force that can resist the corporate tide and help to build a truly emancipated education and another world.

Update: The all out strike in BC is going ahead following a worse offer from government after hours of negotiations. Meanwhile in Saskatchewan, teachers have rejected a contract negotiated with the employers since it does not address their concerns about resources and workload