10 Yemeni school children were killed by Saudi air strikes as they walked home from school, together with one teacher, according to reports. Many more were injured. The children had been attending school in the besieged town of Taiz.

Saudi war planes have been bombarding Yemen since spring of last year. Since that time over 2,000 children have been killed and 810 schools and other education institutions damaged or destroyed, according to civilian  in the country.

The human rights group Amnesty International produced a last month on the targeting of schools by the Saudis. The report, 'Our kids are bombed: schools under attack in Yemen' says:

'The conflict has had a brutal impact on education in Yemen; 34% of children in the country have not gone to school since the conflict began in March 2015. As of October 2015 1.8 million children were not in school. In some cases parents and children are deterred from going to school because of fear of airstrikes, while in others, schools have been rendered unusable due to the conflict either because they have been damaged or destroyed.'

The Saudis are being actively helped in their campaign by their allies in the UK and US. Military advisers from the UK have on the targetting of weapons in Yemen, many of which were also supplied by the UK. The hyopocrisy of the UK government is highlighted by its campaign, which aims to make schools safe spaces for children and their teachers.