zambblog3.jpg  A Zambian Classroom The strike of Zambian teachers over unpaid allowances is spreading Teachers in the Copperbelt region of Zambia have been joined by teachers in the Southern Province in their strike for increased allowances and the payment of arrears. Health workers have also joined the strike. With its natural resources of copper and its good climate and fertile landscape - Zambia is potentially a rich country and yet it is one of the poorest in the world. The World Bank have put pressure on the country to privatise - for example in 2002 against a background of fallling copper prices the World Bank made aid conditional on privatisation: 'Expected initial government of Zambia responses include the privatisation of the energy, financial and telecommunications sectors within the next six to nine months', states a World Bank document of the time. Meanwhile - with a life expectancy of 43, Zambians are feeling no benefit from the potential riches in their land and public service workers like teachers are in the forefront of the fight for a decent standard of living for all. (Please see previous posts on Zambia for more background.) If you are involved in the struggle in Zambia and could send me a first hand report of what's going on there please email me