zamblog1.jpg  Zambian School Children Teachers in the Copperbelt area of Zambia are to go on strike from today if the government does not meet their demands A spokesperson for the Basic Education Teachers Union of Zambia (BETUZ) stated that teachers were virtually destitute and unable to access the basic necessities. Meanwhile the government still owes money to many teachers and has failed to pay promised money so that they can access medical services. In researching this story I found a US website which is calling on people to 'sponsor a teacher' in Zambia for $100 a month which would represent the teacher's salary and with which the teacher would be 'thrilled.' This in a country where class sizes can be as big as 200 or even 300. (See earlier post for more background on this story.) If you are a teacher in Zambia who could share details of what is going on in education there or in the struggle please contact me on