zimblog8.jpg  Schoolchildrden Outside School in Zimbabwe Members of the Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) have been on strike since 4th September in pursuit of their claim for a living wage. Raymond Majongwe, Secretary General of PTUZ said that whereas in the past teachers had been able to afford a car now they were so impoverished they could not even afford a pair of shoes. The inflation rate in Zimbabwe is running at 11.2 million%. Teachers were earning about a tenth of the salaries of those of their colleagues in neighbouring South Africa and Botswana and were unable to provide for themselves or their families. Some teachers have resorted to selling stationery and sweets to students to make a little extra money and some have even taken second jobs to try and make ends meet. The union is also demanding that those responsible for political violence against teachers be brought to book. The strike started the day after term began. Majongwe made it clear that the last thing the union wanted to do was to punish students but that it was impossible for them to do their work in the prevailing conditions.