Teachers and other public servants in Zimbabwe are threatening to take strike action in January, if salary and bonuses owed to them are not paid. December salaries and the annual Christmas bonus are still outstanding. Zimbabwe's teachers earn poverty wages and any failure to pay them in a timely manner can only make their existence more precarious.

The tax take which funds public sector salaries is dropping as commodity prices plunge. More important still is the looting of Zimbabwe's rich resources by multi-national corporations and individuals. 

Meanwhile the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank are refusing to offer new loans until the country has cleared its 'debts'. In its latest press release the IMF praises the government for, 'starting to take steps to rationalize public expenditure and reduce public sector employment costs.' This is ironic, given that these are the very organisations which facilitate the kind of 'ease of doing business' which make large-scale resource plundering possible. Doubly ironic is the fact that the World Bank claims to be promoting 'Education For All.'