zimblog9.jpg  Zimbabwean Children Using Sticks and Mud instead of Pencil and Paper Leaders of Zimbabwe's teachers say they will go on strike this week to demand more pay for their members In some areas of Zimbabwe teachers had already stopped work in order to find other work to keep their families alive and were therefore de facto on strike. A strike was averted earlier this year when leaders of the two main unions PTUZ and ZIMTA agreed to give the new government a chance to find the money to remunerate teachers adequately. However teachers are now reaching breaking point. Teachers in Zimbabwe earn $100 a month, whereas the food alone for a family costs $500 a month. Teachers in neighbouring South Africa receive $1500 a month. Ironoically a previous interim deal had allowed teachers' children to go to school without paying fees (which are common throughout sub-saharan Africa) because they were unaffordable for teachers.