Teachers in both the main unions in Zimbabwe are planning action against the government's decision to delay their June salaries. While the armed forces and police will receive their pay packets at the end of June, teachers and health workers will have to wait until July.

Teachers in the country already receive salaries which are below the poverty line in the country. This latest attack is against the background of an economic crisist in the country which is seeing rising food prices, scarcity of basic commodities and long queues at the banks to withdraw cash. Some commentators are forcasting riots and saying that the crisis is as bad as that generated by the world finacnial crash in 2008.

Late last year, teachers were violently repressed by police as they fought the imposition of draconian performance related pay measures which would see their salaries cut still further based on crude measures of pupil results and under conditions where pupil teacher ratios had been increased by the government from 35:1 to 40:1.