This edited volume brings together education academics and activists from around the world, who describe the effects of corporate education 'reform' or GERM on school systems in their countries and the resistance to it. Here is a list of contributors: 

Foreword Education is a public good Christine Blower Preface Building a movement to win Angelo Gavrielatos Editor’s Introduction Gawain Little

  1. 1  What teachers need to know about the ‘Global Education Reform Movement’

    Susan Robertson

  2. 2  The impact of the USA and UK on public education in Australia Maurie Mulheron

  3. 3  Teacher solidarity across borders: an essential response to neoliberal globilisation Larry Kuehn

  4. 4  Lessons from the Global South Lars Dahlström & Brook Lemma

  5. 5  Neoliberal capitalism dismantling public education in India Ravi Kumar

    Interlude: Pearson’s new clothes: a modern fairy tale Teacher Solidarity

  6. 6  Modernising education reforms & government policies against teachers in

Ecuador Edgar Isch L

  1. 7  Venezuela: education for the people Francisco Dominguez

  2. 8  The unexpected crop: social insurgency and new alternatives for education in

Mexico Hugo Aboites

9 From resistance to renewal: the emergence of social movement unionism in England Howard Stevenson & Gawain Little

  1. 10  A city transformed: lessons from the struggle of Chicago teachers Carol Caref

  2. 11  Reimagining and remaking education: remarks to the NUT–Teacher Solidarity

    conference Lois Weiner

Afterword We are the penicillin to the GERM Kristine Mayle